Mood in the Mail!

Just got the Mood Fabrics Italian stretch fabric I ordered. It’s a beautiful tiny black & white stripe that stretches with the stripe. The stripes are tiny enough that I can wear them horizontally without feeling like a French sailor. I’m not sure what I want to make with it—a top, vest, little jacket, pants. I have a lot of thinking to do about it.

Here’s the description of the fabric from Mood:

No other woven possesses a stretch like this! Mood happily stumbled upon this remarkable striped woven straight from the depths of Italy. Made from polyester and elastane, this material consists of an extreme amount of stretch in the warp which is heavy and very similar to that of a ponte knit. The surface of this material is soft, yet textural and feels very different from any other fabric in our inventory. A swatch is a must! Uses for such a unique material may include a structural article of clothing such as a flared, high-waisted skirt that hugs the midsection and flares out once the material hits the hip bone or perhaps a simply fitted suit-jacket. It could even be used for tighter pant styles and skirts. The possibilities are endless!

Color: Black/White
Width: 57″
V Repeat: 0.17

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