Some Patterns Waiting to be Used

I have some new patterns and fabric for one, but still thinking about how I might adapt the patterns before I start cutting.

I have some nice grey menswear fabric for this tunic (Vogue 8924) which I will be squaring off at the bottom, instead of using the rounded edges at the side hems. I’ll also be making it a little shorter, because I’m not going to be wearing it as a dress or with leggings, but with a straight-leg pant:

Photo from Vogue website

The pattern packages have unflattering pictures (see below). I would never have picked them if I hadn’t seen the models on the pattern website. When I run into that, I print out a copy of the photo and clip it to the pattern as a better reminder of what I’m making. Here’s the actual pattern cover and my fabric. I think you’ll agree that the pattern images are not very appealing:


I bought this pattern at the same time, and you can see that I printed out the website model photo. I’m planning to make this out of boiled wool, but I can’t find any locally. I can get it from Mood fabrics, though, so just deciding on the color is what’s holding me back. If you can’t tell, this top uses unfinished seams, so you need to consider the fabric:


This pattern is suggesting some kind of bohemian print, maybe in a rayon fabric that has a nice draping:


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