PDF Patterns

I downloaded this pattern from BurdaStyle for a crossover top that I want to use as a base for a similar top. I’m going to make the top a little longer and straighten out the bottom hem, so that it is not so much of a revealing blouse. I am thinking of using a small print, so that the layers show up more, but I’ll have to think about getting the right print, probably a small geometric and not a floral print. I like that the two layers both extend to both shoulder seams, but think you have to have the right draping, maybe in a rayon jersey, to make it work. A stiff, non-draping fabric would not work.


If you’ve never printed out a pattern before, you might be surprised that you get it enlarged to the point that it prints out on multiple 8″ x 11″ sheets of paper that you then tape together to make the full pattern. That works, but we have 3D printers for the home; wouldn’t it be nice to have a home printer that prints out patterns full size in pattern paper? I think that is still in the sci-fi future, at least for non-professionals. This pattern prints out 21 pages, including the cover overview of pattern placement.

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