Revising Jewelry

As I noted on the cover Jewelry page, I’ll probably be revising jewelry more than creating from scratch for a while. What do I mean by revising jewelry? I mean the same thing I would mean if I were revising a piece of writing. I’d take it apart and put it together in new ways, throwing some things out and introducing new things, until it said what I wanted it to say.

Last mother’s day (2014), my daughter and I sat around and put together the necklace you see on the left. Then 1 1/2 months later, I retired, and realized I needed my jewelry to work in more casual situations. All of a sudden, I couldn’t see those pearls or all that gold working with jeans, but I still wanted the centerpiece of the necklace, the opal pendant, to get some use. So, I dove into jewelry making, bought some tools, watched some videos, and looked around for inspiration, inspiration that I could afford. I ended up with the necklace on the right, where the multi-strand section is dropped lower and the whole necklace is more bohemian in nature with bright colors and mixed metals.

I’m currently working on revising a steampunk necklace that needs some beefing up, maybe with some leather. It’s still in the thinking stage, including thinking about what I might want to wear it with. Mostly all my thinking starts with “Can I wear it with a black turtleneck?”

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