Those Kids’ Pillow Beds

I have looked at no end of patterns for those pillow beds that are like a linked sausage of pillows wrapped in fabric or pillow shams or a sheet. There are benefits to all of them, whether it’s fit or style. I first leaned toward using pillow shams, especially a coordinating set from Land of Nod, but that was way out of my financial ball park. The one where the crafter has precisely measured fabric and constructed a really well-fitting bed was appealing not only for fit, but because she had a lot more nice fabrics to choose from than you can generally find in twin sheets. Look at this PInterest board just for such beds to get more ideas.

I went with the one that uses a twin sheet, but I bought a whole sheet set at Walmart instead of a single sheet; I bought the 300 thread count set in barn red and will just do something else with the fitted sheet and pillow case. Maybe that fitted sheet can be turned into a carrying/storage case (?).


I thought about modifying the instructions in a number of ways, but in the end, only did one modification: I sewed the top and bottom right sides together to hide those seams, and also because I think it puts a little less stress on them. I thought about cutting 10 inches off one long side and finishing it, because the overlap is way too big to make it easy to scrunch those pillows in, which adds to the stress every time you take them out for cleaning. This one is going to my granddaughter, who has 2 dogs and at least 4 cats (I can’t keep track of them), so cleaning will have to be done regularly. I also thought about sewing some kind of stabilizing ribbon at each of the seams, but in the end, I only modified the end seams. Maybe a fancier one is in my future.

Top seam sewn right sides together
Top seam sewn right sides together

Modifying the end seams may have changed the overall length a little, because the distance between my seams is more like 18.5″ than the 19″ in the instructions, but it’s not rocket science and the pillows fit fine.

One thing that surprised me is that the so-called standard pillow is not always the same size. I thought standard was always 20″ x 26″, but there are others called standard that are only 17 x 26. Keep aware, because you want the larger one. Here’s how it turned out, just as expected, with Teddy, my granddaughter’s proxy, demonstrating with the top pillow folded under to make a reading pillow:


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