Small Quilted Crossbody Bag

I made this little bag by request for my granddaughter. It was supposed to be wallet-sized, whatever that is.

I made up the pattern as I went, but started with the idea of an 8″ x 8″ square, finished size. I thought about leaving it open at the top with a snap or magnet closure, but went with a flap, instead, with a button closure. It was just serendipity that the dog pattern on the flap matched the pattern placement on the bag front. How or whether to close the flap was an issue, and since I couldn’t find lightweight magnet closures, I went with a button shaped like a dog bone.

I picked two complimentary prints, one with dogs and one with owls. The dog print is retro in aqua with black, brown, and white dogs. I like the sharp contrast of the black that makes the aqua pop, and must say that I am not opposed to bringing a child over to my love of black everything at an early age. The dog print will be on the outside of the bag and the owls inside. I chose black seam binding for the top edge and to cover the seam allowances on the inside, instead of making the owl fabric into a lining.

I quilted the two fabrics together with large 3″ diagonal square stitching. The quilting gives the cotton fabric a little more body; I didn’t want it to be a floppy sack kind of bag.

I agonized over how to attach the straps, first thinking of grommets, but I thought that would close up too much of the bag top (I have a bag like that). D-rings in fabric tabs seemed like the better choice and after trying them on the back, I decided to put them on the side seam where they are out of the way.

It turned out so nice, that now I’m thinking I will never buy another fabric bag for myself. If only the men in my family carried bags, the holiday presents would be all sewn up now.



2 thoughts on “Small Quilted Crossbody Bag

    1. Thanks. I had fun figuring out how to make it and I hope to try some bags for myself and for gifts. I’m thinking that upholstery fabric would make some nice bags.


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