Back to sewing season

After a break this summer, it’s Halloween costume season again, but to get back in the sewing mood, I’m first going to make a couple of these denim bins from an old pair of my husband’s jeans and some of his cast-off golf shirts—he assures me that he is not going to golf much anymore and will never wear these shirts again. It looks to me like he never wore them in the first place.


I’m just making two of the small size bin, each of which can be made from one leg. I think the bigger ones would be too big for me; the smaller bins could be placed on a table or shelf. The instructions are easy to follow, but like the old adage “measure twice, cut once,” I read the instructions several times to make sure I wasn’t misreading them. Once you cut up one of those pant legs, you have to work with it. Then I got all the parts pinned together and set out ready to sew, to get a better idea where it was all going.

Here’s a circle template for making the pesky bottom circles, in case you don’t have a compass (like me):

Sewing the small bin means working in tight spaces; the bottom is only 5.5″ in diameter and the whole thing has to be turned right side out through a 4″ opening. Still it went together easily. Now I just need to figure out if I have something to stash in them or they should be a gift for someone else.

I did use a rick-rack trim, just because I had some left over from the Valentine’s Day wall hanging, but it would be just as cute without trim. I thought my trim was jumbo, but it doesn’t show up very much, so look for an extra large trim. On a larger bin, you could sew on one of your jeans’ back pockets on the denim piece before putting it together, for another stash space. Or you could put handles on it, to make it a tote. What ideas do you have to make the bins work for you?

In hindsight, I think I would prefer a stiffer bin that would stand better, so if I make them again, I will look for a stiffer lining fabric (mine was a floppy knit) and use some interfacing.

Well, now the fabric from has arrived, so it’s time to get to work on that Halloween pirate costume.


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