Pirate Costume: The Vest

I’m using McCall’s Costume pattern 4952, making changes to the pieces I’m using to get the pirate effect I think my granddaughter will enjoy. The pattern has a long vest with a sash, but I think that would be bothersome on a 3 year old; I’m thinking an energetic child wants to be able to jump around in a costume without it getting in her way or coming apart. So I turned the vest into a shorter, bolero style vest, something more like what Jake wears in Jake and the Pirates. She loves red, and it will look great with the striped pants in the previous post.

I cut off the vest pattern 1 inch below the waist mark, then used a small plate to curve the bottom front edge. Other than that, I made it just as the directions dictated, with a full lining, which meant there were no facing pieces to worry about. Then I stitched some gold metallic trim around the edges—I guess pirates are after gold, aren’t they?

Lastly, I will be making the blouse, but I still need to find the right white fabric for that.

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