Pirate Costume: The Candy Tote Bag

candy_bagThe last task of the pirate costume is the Trick or Treat tote bag of black canvas with pirate pumpkin appliques on the front and back.

I found simple pumpkin templates on First Palette, with or without jack-o-lantern faces.

Using the medium-sized pumpkins, I calculated room for carrying straps and boxed sides. I cut one piece of the black canvas 15″ x 30″ and hemmed each short end 1 1/4″  for the top edge. Then I worked on the pumpkin appliques and the straps before sewing the sides.

You might have better tools than I do for marking the pumpkin stitching lines, but I just cut the pumpkin apart and traced the lines of each section on the pumpkin with a fabric pencil. I did the same with the jack-o-lantern face pieces, and then fashioned an eye patch and a headscarf. All the pieces were stitched on with a zig-zag stitch.

The carry handles were made with strips of the black canvas and the contrasting pumpkin material. Each strip was 3″ x 100″ made by sewing together two or three strips of the fabric to make a single length to go around the bag. I turned in the edges of each strip to the center, and then stitched the two fabrics together on the edges. I set the strips on the bag in one long piece that went around both sides and left about 16″ of strap on each end for the handles. I stitched the handles on both edges with reinforcing squares at each bag top edge.

The last step is to sew the side seams and then stitch across the bottom corners to make boxed corners. It was hard to see that on the black fabric, but here’s a tutorial that shows making a triangle at the bottom of the side seam: http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/videos/v/57555460/machine-minute-boxed-bag-corners.htm My bag doesn’t have a bottom seam, but it’s basically what I did with my bag, except that the size of my triangle was determined by where the handle strips were located.


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