A Few Christmas Ornaments

I made another batch of Christmas ornaments for my granddaughter. This year, I found all the patterns/ideas in one place. Standing in the checkout line, I noticed a Better Homes and Garden Holiday Crafts magazine with a pullout of patterns, and quickly picked it up. It saved me a lot of searching for individual patterns on my own or trying to make them up. You can find some of the crafts on this site, but I’m not sure you can actually download the patterns without buying the magazine. If you register with BHG, you can download a few free patterns, such as ones made with old Nordic sweaters or printable gift tags, but I only used the patterns in the magazine. There are tons more patterns to use, so I think I’m set for next year.

As you can see, I picked the mitten, bird, tree and snowman/star:

I scanned the mitten and printed it in two sizes, one at 100% and one at 150%. They were the only ornaments that required machine stitching. All the others were hand stitched together.

The original tree was much smaller, but I enlarged it to 200%. If I make it again, I would make it even larger and put more effort into finding better beads to decorate it, but I wanted to use what I had on hand and not create more expense.

The snowman/star was interesting. It’s made of quilt batting, then stuffed with polyester filling. I had never cut out quilt batting for pattern pieces before. Then the whole thing was covered in two layers of Mod Podge. While the second coating was still wet, it was cover in glitter. Then after the glitter layer was completely dry, it was sprayed with Mod Podge glossy acrylic sealer to keep the glitter from coming off on your fingers. It worked great. I used puffy paint for the eyes and a little piece of felt for the carrot nose. The instructions say to use a piece of greenery around the neck, but I made a little red scarf from a scrap of red knit fabric.

I’m putting them in a couple of Christmas gift buckets with tissue paper.


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