Neverending Necklace

As I’m learning, the problem with making jewelry is that you get so far, even thinking you’re done, and then have second thoughts and take the piece apart to try something new. That’s the neverending part. And then you start having so many ideas that don’t work, that you lose your way. So it is with this necklace I’m trying to build around some old and new pieces that should hang like charms, but be visible and identifiable. Instead, they just want to hang in an indistinguishable clump, as it often is with a necklace. So. Very. Frustrating.

It’s supposed to be a birthday present for one of my daughters, although that birthday is over two months past. I wanted it to be a simple necklace where the focus was on the charms, but that is not working out, so now I’m looking around for maybe some gemstone beads or chains of varying sizes and metals. Here are a few pics of the first two designs:

Version 1: I settled on antique bronze for the main pieces, because I would never be able to find gold that matched the old rings and I wanted them to stand out. This first version uses a clasp that leaves a small bit of chain dangling, on which the charms are arranged, but when hanging, they all twist around, with some hidden in the back.

Version 2: I took off part of the clasp and made it into a slider, so the length could be adjusted and you could have the slider—which is a pretty nice open heart shape—all the way up to the neck, with a long tail and charms at the bottom. I also added a large cast ring on which to place the charms, hoping that would make them show up more than the first version. Still the tiny garnets get hidden, and I don’t like the ways I’ve connected the charms to the ring. Split rings are safe but bulky choices; jump rings always look like they will come apart and fall off.

More about this later. . . .


One thought on “Neverending Necklace

  1. Good luck! I really like the looks of it in the second set of pictures. I can see your vision peeling through the layers of your imagination to take form in real life.
    You’ll get it done and I’m sure your daughter will love it no matter how long it takes to finish. ♡

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