The Masks Did Me In

I spent too much of 2020 making masks and realized that I am now done with sewing. I packed up my sewing machines, one of which I never used, and put them away. Cleaned out my sewing cupboard and thread drawer. Threw away all the craft felt. Now I just hope no one asks me for anything.

I recommend the following pattern for face masks—use the large template on the YouTube page for a regular adult size that allows you to speak without the mask falling down. This mask has a pocket for an extra filter. I also put nose wires in all my masks to help them stay on—if it wasn’t these, it was just like them.



For a good pleated mask, I took one of those ubiquitous blue paper masks, carefully took it apart, and made a pattern from it, cut it on a fold so it would have two sides, and folded over the ends for an earpiece pocket. These are also big enough so you can talk without it falling off.


If you’re looking for interesting printed fabric online, I got most of mine from Spoonflower. There were lots of times when typical fabric stores online were out of fabric or their shipping dates were impossible.

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