moodyOn this site, I’m just trying to keep track of the crafty things I’ve begun after retiring so they don’t become a blur, and to keep them separate from my cooking blog, which is a whole other thing.

I’m not a professional seamstress or crafter, but I’ve been sewing and crafting for at least 50 years, except for some significant gaps in the middle. I have made a lot of clothes for myself and my children—most of them wearable!—and have even done needlepoint and temari. I recently bought a new sewing machine, after being without one for a long time, and I started some new forays into making jewelry, after collecting a lot of jewelry that my daughter has made for me.


From my Gravatar Profile, which mostly says who I used to be:

I have a PhD in American Literature and taught in higher education for over twenty years, directed a Center for Instructional Technology for 3 years, during which time I was selected to the Frye Leadership Institute 2007, then worked in a similar position at another school for 5+ years. My special interests are in visual rhetoric, blogging, wikis for collaboration, virtual worlds in education, digital storytelling, and digital humanities.

You might be interested in some of my other blogs:


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