Those Kids’ Pillow Beds

I have looked at no end of patterns for those pillow beds that are like a linked sausage of pillows wrapped in fabric or pillow shams or a sheet. There are benefits to all of them, whether it’s fit or style. I first leaned toward using pillow shams, especially a coordinating set from Land of Nod, but that was way out of my financial ball park. The one where the crafter has precisely measured fabric and constructed a really well-fitting bed was appealing not only for fit, but because she had a lot more nice fabrics to choose from than you can generally find in twin sheets. Look at this PInterest board just for such beds to get more ideas. Continue reading “Those Kids’ Pillow Beds”

A Valentine Quilted Hanging

I made a version of the “Love” Letters Mini Quilt from The Crafty Quilter using the machine quilting tools on my new machine, and it turned out pretty well. It’s a gift for my granddaughter that I think she will enjoy. She’s pretty good about showing appreciation for gifts. I followed the directions as closely as possible, but I don’t have the quilting skills of The Crafty Quilter, particularly the stippling skills, although I’d like to learn them someday. I had problems from the get go, especially cutting the four squares so that they were square, even though I have a ruled mat and rotary cutter. I had to get a few clear rulers to finally get them right, and I wisely made a test square to try out a variety of steps, like using the applique blanket stitch on curved pieces.

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