Similar to what I said on the jewelry page, I am done with crafts and won’t be posting here anymore

My mother always had the dining room table covered with some sort of craft project in process, so I guess that’s where I picked it up. I can’t go too long without making something, although it lately involves making food, but all my crafts haven’t stuck around, except for these few:

  • I haven’t done needlepoint for many, many years, but the pillow, with its loops, each one wrapped around a pencil, was perhaps one of the best pieces I made. The framed needlepoint picture I made for my mother years ago, but now it lives here.
  • The ceramic boxes that you can see hiding among the antlers on the buffet, were made in college when I was an undergraduate. They all work as boxes and contain things like checkers and chess pieces. I don’t think I’ll be looking to hone those skills of hand building with clay. I was terrible at throwing pots, but had some luck with hand building.
  • The temari balls were a nice project that was portable—you literally hold it in your hand. Some of the patterns are from a book, and some are of my own design. All mine cover styrofoam balls, but you can also make your own centers with wound strips of fabric.

I made a few Christmas ornaments, three for my granddaughter and one for my daughter. They are all handsewn, so should they be on the sewing page instead of the craft page?

I’m thinking up a Valentine’s Day craft, but when I do, I’ll post it on the blog. Follow the blog for current projects.



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