My jewelry phase is over, even though hardly begun. The necklace below, worked around the opals, is the beginning and end, so there won’t be any more jewelry posts.

I just took up jewelry making this summer, after years of being showered with jewelry that my daughter made for me. The featured image for this page shows a neclace that I revised after working with her together on it. After we finished it, I realized I wouldn’t be going to work anymore and that I needed something more casual, so I dove in, purchasing tools and a storage/building box. I’ve been enchanted by the jewelry of Jes Maharry, particularly her necklaces, and don’t presume to make jewelry at her level, but to find some inspiration there.

At the center of my one necklace, you can see an opal pendant, which was a gift from my parents, and the piece I was trying to work from, to have a necklace I could wear more often:

Revising jewelry that I already have is going to be what I do for a while, to make some of the dressier pieces more wearable in casual situations, because I don’t want to have it all sitting around as in a museum. I’m currently musing about a steampunk necklace that needs a little revising. Follow the blog for upcoming posts about that and more projects.

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