If you didn’t understand my last post on masks, I am done sewing. I lost both the need and the desire, so I won’t be posting here anymore.

I took up sewing again this past summer (2014), after I retired and didn’t have a long commute to work that took up all my free time. I bought a sewing machine, which I hadn’t had for maybe 10 years, and I’m slowly getting re-acclimated with my old skills. As you can see in the blog, I’ve been gathering patterns and fabric, but not jumping into any of them until I’m sure what I want to do. I want to take a more creative approach to sewing this time around and not be bound by the patterns, so I also bought a dressform to get a little distance from the process and to check the fit better—yes, I watch Project Runway!

Most of what I do will be posted on the blog, but I thought I would show the two items that still exist from my old sewing days, and a few summer projects to start me off. The plaid skirt is one of the best things I ever made, in terms of wearability and fit. I wore it with black tights and a black turtleneck sweater, and it was one of those outfits that made you feel good all day. The little jacket, short with 3/4 sleeves, turned out well, but now is out of style. I’m not sure why I keep it around, but maybe I’ll make some alterations to make it useful—like taking out those shoulder pads.

I have made a few things for my granddaughter, an apron and a Halloween superhero costume. I would make more for her, but she lives too far away for me to fit clothes, so mostly I stick to crafts. I used the teddy bear (which I made decades ago for my husband) as a model for the costume. The star wand did not come with the costume pattern; I found it here and it has been repinned from my Pinterest board about 27 times, with new repins every week.

Follow the blog for current and upcoming projects.




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