Coiled Fabric Easter Basket

I made the Fabric Easter Basket from 2009 on the Moda Bake Shop site and I have some tips to save your fingers if you are thinking of making one, too. I used the Bandana honey bun by Me & My Sister Designs, which has very nice spring colors/patterns, including a repeated basket weave pattern appropriate for a basket.

The tutorial on the original site is very good, and I found that the fabric is enough to do exactly as it states, contrary to one comment from someone running out of fabric. I had some left over, yet covered all the piping. I was careful to save strips of varying colors and patterns to make the handle fit in with the patchwork nature of the basket—you could accidentally end up with three or four strips of the same pattern in different colors if you don’t think ahead, but you might choose to make the handle stand out that way.

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